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Business Analyst

Welcome to our Business Analyst course overview! This comprehensive program is designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of business analysis. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance your expertise or a newcomer eager to enter the industry, our course provides a solid foundation to help you succeed.

Beginner Level

Flexible Schedule

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Join us on this exciting journey into the world of Business Analyst and unlock endless opportunities for growth and success!

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What you'll learn

Microsoft Excel

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Statistical Software

Process Modeling Tools

Requirements Management Tools

Data Visualization Tools

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Simulation and Modeling Tools

Project Management Tools

Collaboration Tools

Document Management Systems

Financial Analysis Tools

Decision Analysis Tools

Data Integration Tools

Course Structure

1. module 1

  • Introduction to Business Analysis

2. module 2

  • Requirements Elicitation and Management

3. module 3

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

4. module 4

  • Process Modeling and Improvement

5. module 5

  • Stakeholder Management

6. module 6

  • Tools and Techniques

7. module 7

  • Business Case Development

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